When the health-crisis of 2020-’21 forced the world to move from the physical to an online working environment, a new interest towards webdesign and -development started to grow. I am proud of the results so far: 

Praktijk Modesto

November 2021 • www.praktijkmodesto.nl

Sandra de Bruyne’s new website for her practice for professional (traumatic) grief counseling is more modern, attractive and understandeable for her target group – whilst staying close to her personal values.


June 2021 • www.france-compagnie.nl

As an intern with France-Compagnie, I was responsible for analysing new, possible strategic approaches of the company to better fit the stakeholders’ expectations. This website is the final result of a modernized online communication plan. 


June 2021 • www.france-personnel.nl

Daughter company of France-Compagnie has also undergone a major visual make-over in order to attract the right audiences (businesses and job applicants) and improve the lead-to-customer journey of its visitors. 

Richard otten

July 2021 • www.richardotten.nl

During the process of Richard Otten developing his personal brand as an entrepreneur in the leisure industry, a website seemed the missing piece of the puzzle. English and French translations of the website will be online shortly.